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The Western Lonesome Society — Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Current Situation On a warm afternoon in summer, many years after his kidnapping, in the makeshift room above his garage, in a modest, ramshackle suburban neighborhood in a small city somewhere in the West, Jim stands at the window, training a pair of binoculars on the neighborhood streets. He’s watching for signs […]

The Western Lonesome Society

Evoking the Western drama of Cormac McCarthy, the family sensibility of Kent Haruf, and the wacky, magical humor of Christopher Moore, McBrearty displays his storytelling prowess and wit in his debut novel. In this hilarious, poignant, over-the-top Western, Jim O’Brien writes the quixotic saga of his ancestors who grew up with a tribe of Comanches. […]

The Antichrist of Kokomo County

Frankie Horvath is not happy. He’s almost forty. He’s fat. His wife is dead. He designs forks for a living. And his son? Well, he might just be the Antichrist—which is why Frankie is about to meet with Satanists to find out the truth once and for all. And taking into account Frankie’s lifelong delusions […]

Peter Anderson awarded the Bennett Fellowship

     On June 1st, author Peter Anderson released First Church of the Higher Elevations with Conundrum Press and before the upcoming academic year will be driving cross country to Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire with his wife, his two daughters, his fifteen-year-old dog, and, “only because [his] lovely wife insists on it,” two cats.     […]

Doug Worgul: Writing the Conundrum

Doug Worgul - novelist, journalist, and barbeque connoisseur - tells us all about his inspirations and his love of beautiful writing and shares his excitement at giving his book “an honest shot at finding an audience.” His premier novel, Thin Blue Smoke, was released June 1st and can be purchased at the Conundrum Press bookstore […]

First Church of the Higher Elevations: Mountains, Prayer and Presence

In these contemplative essays written for seekers and adventurers, Peter Anderson explores the scripture of place, the topography of memory, and the landscape of the imagination. Purchase a copy here. Praise for First Church of the Higher Elevations: This reissue of Anderson’s thematically connected essays (originally published in 2007) offers a spiritually penetrating look at […]

Thin Blue Smoke: A Novel About Music, Food, and Love

LaVerne Williams is a ruined ex-big league ballplayer and ex-felon with an attitude problem and a barbecue joint to run. Ferguson Glen is an Episcopal priest and fading literary star with a drinking problem and a past he’s running from. A.B. Clayton and Sammy Merzeti are two lost souls in need of love, understanding and […]

National Poetry Month 2015 readings

April doesn’t have to be the cruelest month — not when we have three (THREE!) of our Conundrum Press poets rocking book releases: April 26, 2pm — BookBar Denver, featuring Juliana Aragón Fatula (Red Canyon Falling on Churches), J Diego Frey (The Year the Eggs Cracked) and Chris Ransick (Lost Songs & Last Chances). April […]

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Lost Songs & Last Chances

This collection from Denver’s former poet laureate pulses with surprising turns and playful language. The book’s complex weave of individual, highly readable pieces collected into suites presents an invitation to the reader to absorb the book as greater than the sum of its parts. Click here to purchase. Tom Ferril’s Mandolin From these rooms, your […]

Red Canyon Falling on Churches

Fatula uses a combination of nature, spirituality, myth, and ritual in this magical collection of poems. With no-holds-barred honesty, she shares her experiences of trying to escape the bonds of race and gender to prevail in an unjust world for a woman of color who writes. Click here to purchase. Praise for Fatula: “Juliana Aragón […]

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