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The Year the Eggs Cracked

May 18th, 2016  |  by  |  published in J Diego Frey, Poetry | Leave A Comment »

Like a blindfolded fool who stands on a street corner giving out free hugs, this poetry collection has many oddly shaped gifts to offer. Maybe you’ll come away with a feeling of affection, maybe with some type of infection, but your relationship with modern poetry will be changed. We hope for the better. Click here […]

Letters From a Stranger

February 2nd, 2016  |  by  |  published in Conundrum Classics, James Tipton, Poetry | Leave A Comment »

James Tipton is the world’s preeminent surrealist beekeeper. At his home on a high mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado, he bottles 10,000 pounds of honey each year, and writes poetry in the tradition of Neruda, Vallejo, Breton, Blake, and Robert Bly, extending the vision of a world that is simultaneously real and magical. In Letters from […]

Lost Songs & Last Chances

April 2nd, 2015  |  by  |  published in Chris Ransick, New Releases, Poetry | Leave A Comment »

This collection from Denver’s former poet laureate pulses with surprising turns and playful language. The book’s complex weave of individual, highly readable pieces collected into suites presents an invitation to the reader to absorb the book as greater than the sum of its parts. Click here to purchase. Tom Ferril’s Mandolin From these rooms, your […]

Poems for Dads-Beer, Fathers, and Nosehair

June 5th, 2014  |  by  |  published in Blog | Leave A Comment »

Narcissus Trims His NosehairFor nearly thirty-seven years I had control of nose and ears. Smooth skin upon the conch and lobe and nostrils clean as Manitobe. But time and genes bedevil me. My good health lost to revelry. I’m sprouting gardens in these holes profuse enough to shelter voles! Now naked fore the glass I […]

Fiddlings of a Poet in a Month of Poetry

April 7th, 2014  |  by  |  published in Blog | Leave A Comment »

Fiddlings of a Poet in a Month of Poetry by Kathryn Winograd “I must confess that I, too, like it:,” writes Ronald Wallace in his poem, The McPoem, “the poem that’s fired up flat and fast with condiments…/ A poem you can count on always to be/ the same-small, domestic, fun for the whole/ family.” […]

Wire Song

September 1st, 2013  |  by  |  published in Conundrum Classics, Mark Todd, Poetry | Leave A Comment »

Mark Todd is the New West incarnate. A working rancher and a professor of English, his poetry embodies local knowledge of his Colorado home as much as it does the great traditions of English and American poetry. His craft covers the range from the ballad and the sonnet, to the free verse lyric and his […]

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