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Never Summer: Poems From Thin Air

September 25th, 2013  |  Published in Chris Ransick, Poetry  |  4 Comments

Never Summer speaks tenderly…layered so the perception of reality becomes almost super-real. This book is an everyday world where tragedy and bad news occasionally intrude. So does an ironic humor. Through all the ups and downs, there is a thread of confidence in the future, the belief that “we will build a lasting home.”

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  3. […] Ransick is the author of five books: Language for the Living and the Dead; Never Summer, Poems from Thin Air (Winner of the Colorado Book Award); A Return to Emptiness (Colorado Book Award finalist); Lost […]

  4. […] -Chris Ransick, former Denver Poet Laureate and author of Language for the Living and the Dead and Never Summer: Poems from Thin Air […]

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