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Rocky Mountain Poetry Series

“To have great poets there must be great audiences, too.”
— Walt Whitman

The Rocky Mountain Poetry Series publishes classic and contemporary poets of the American west, featuring both established and emerging writers. As the Rocky Mountain region becomes ever more dynamic, the Series will publish several books of poetry each year reflective of this vitality: landscape, people, history, and imaginative power and diversity that articulate them and render them both recognizable and new. The series offers no contests, competitions, prizes or awards, because those approaches divide readers by turning them into competitors. Our goal, instead, is to bring readers together, creating the greatest possible audience.

In the end, the most vibrant arts communities emerge only when three crucial conditions exist: enough peace to allow people to think about art, enough prosperity to give them the time to learn how to make it and enjoy it, and enough of those people to come together and support art in whatever ways they can. Assuming you are not running for your life, that you have enough to eat, and that you care about poetry, we hope you will join us as a reader of the Rocky Mountain Poetry Series.

— David J Rothman, Series Editor

Announcing the First Books of the RMPS!

  1. A new collection from emerging poet Sigman Byrd entitled Wake Up, Sleepwalker (a reviewer raves, “Sigman Byrd’s poems have energy and grace, high wit and low humor, heady thoughts and common sundries, as well as trouble and troublemakers, including that maker of all things, the Great Troublemaker Himself.”) — Now Available!
  2. Not one, but TWO collections from master lyrical poet Bruce Berger (acclaimed by the Chicago Tribune, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Kansas City Star, and many others. You can get his first collection, Facing the Music, here).
  3. An anthology of Colorado poets entitled The Geography of Hope: Colorado — Releasing April 2015

The next anthology — releasing April 2016 — will feature poets of Wyoming.

Two ways to participate:

  1. Subscribe for $50/year (you get three books per year and free shipping). Click here to subscribe:

  2. Pick and choose your own RMPS books- click here for the list of available titles.

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