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5(+) things every writer needs(deserves)

March 3rd, 2014  |  Published in Blog

5 things every writer needs:

1. A trustworthy notebook (One that you can comfortably fill and/or destroy with the mad wanderings of your mind.)

2. A good cup of coffee (or wine, depending on your personality and the time of day)

3. A willingness to write badly, so long as you keep writing (You can (and will) edit later.)

4. A keen eye (“Nothing is lost on the writer.” Pay attention to the world around you, the people, the smells, the particular minor key whistle of the whippoorwill.)

5. Time (The most important thing-and the hardest to find; give yourself this gift. Even if it’s only half an hour, showing up with your writing every day will make all the difference.)


Good food, walks in the neighborhood (or park or museum or memory lane), a space (both physical and mental) where you can spread out and create freely, money so you can afford your foolish habits of eating and writing, a writer-friend who will read and critique your writing, mood music, photographs, maps, more wine, other books (always other books), & a reality check for when your creativity goes too far and you can’t find your way back-this is best achieved with other people.

Of course, all your really need to write is the desire to do so. The rest you can learn (or fake). Heck, JK Rowling wrote the beginnings of Harry Potter on a napkin on a delayed train, while she lived-unemployed-on state benefits, and now she’s the author of the bestselling book series in history.

But then again, the purpose of this simple list is not to make you into a bestselling author, but to encourage you to allow yourself these small gifts…Time, if nothing else, and food. Maybe a little wine.




article and cover photo by Debbie Vance

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