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Living, Loving, and Other Heresies

September 1st, 2013  |  Published in Conundrum Classics, Non-fiction, Zsolt

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“If this is heresy, we need more of it! A timeless book of compelling prose and poetry.”—Bill Moyers

The author of Living, Loving, and Other Heresies, writer, musician, dancer, and teacher, had been living with a progressive neuropathy since 1998.

In 1999, Zsolt, a writer, musician, dancer, and teacher suffered from a progressive neuropathy, and when he was no longer able to write, began a group e-mail list to which he sent out regular essays about how the disease was affecting his life.

As the illness progressed and he lost the ability to walk, speak, or even to take care of himself, he was able to continue writing by using a word-recognition keyboard program. By this means, he was able to chonicle the disease’s effect on him.

At the same time, Living, Loving, and Other Heresies goes far beyond coping with degenerative disease. Zsolt’s essays and poems range across a passionate and deeply examined life, in which his debilitating illness played but one part.

By turns tender and passionate, playful and indignant, humorous and committed, Zsolt affirms the beauty of life and transforming power of love while simultaneously confronting his own stark fate.

With a Foreword by David J. Rothman
First Runner-up, Writers Notes Award

Praise for Living, Loving, and Other Heresies


“Living, Loving, and Other Heresies lingers upon the absolute specter of mortality…both as the author confronts it and as the reader will one day experience it. A timeless expression of philosophy, moral dilemmas, and the pain of confronting the inevitable, written with great artistic and literary flare.”—Midwest Book Review

“Zsolt’s collection of short essays is remarkable, not only for the physical effort required in their production, but also in their unflagging optimism and fearless acceptance of death…Zsolt’s writings provide us a template for a compassionate life and the courage to face our own transfiguring dance of death.”—Lance Waring, Telluride Watch

“For the people who will not meet Zsolt in person, this book will be a bridge to an aliveness that is poetic, a sense of humor that cancels despair and beauty that can be breathed in effortlessly. Renew your commitment to living, loving and heresies of every order by journeying with the companion you always hoped would meet you: with Zsolt and his irresistible gossips.” —Barbara Riley, Southwest BookViews

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