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Memory’s Rooms

September 24th, 2013  |  Published in Eleanor Swanson, Poetry

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Praise for Memory’s Rooms:

“Even the unlucky and the unacknowledged watch from high-up windows as Eleanor Swanson reminds us, I know what I saw,” says Andrea Watson. That’s part of it indeed. I know what I saw, and I wrote about it.

And Joe Hutchison, author of Thread of the Real, says this: “We’re made of star-stuff, the poet seems to say, and only by staying in touch with that fact can we know our worth and comprehend the worth of others.” Isn’t that so true? I believe this book makes it clear that we are creatures of mystery. Each of the four sections of the book explores different sorts of mysteries:

Listening, Divining
Two things we must do, every moment of our lives
Stepping into Night
We cannot discern light without darkness.
Everything Wants to Live
Affirmations and a recognition of the thinness of the veil between life and death.
A Posture of Supplication
Supplication can lead to grace or conditions of grace.

Read a rave review of Memory’s Rooms by Khadijah A. at Story Circle Books here:

“The word that came to mind when I finished Memory’s Rooms was, simply, ‘More.’

More than a simple book of poetry, Eleanor Swanson has created a living scrapbook. As we turn the pages each memory snapshot bursts into life, from sepia tones to brilliant bouquets of words.

More. I want to know more about so many of the characters glimpsed, the experiences alluded to. And yet in another sense, each one feels complete, perfect in the moment in which it was caught in the flow of Swanson’s pen. She doesn’t just write about beauty; indeed the poem that has remained with me for days is beautiful and powerful, but not about beauty at all.”

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