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Tuesday morning lit roundup

April 1st, 2014  |  Published in Blog


Even if while you’re writing you use the hyphen key as an all-purpose word(s) separator, there are typographical rules of which you should be aware. An em dash isn’t an en dash isn’t a hyphen. Sharpen your own eagle-eyed usage when you’re giving final approval to that galley.

Yes, book editors actually edit, in case you believed otherwise. (The New Yorker blog has something good every day, doesn’t it?)

Over at Publisher’s Weekly, “The Graphic Canon, Volume III” shows the vivid imaginative work of artists who graphically reinterpret 20th century authors like Orwell, Steinbeck, Flannery O’Connor, and Sherwood Anderson. 

In the department of social media trends and analysis,the Wall St. Journal’s Jeff Yang looks at the #cancelcolbert weekend hashtag* war over whether  the punchline of Stephen Colbert’s racial satire that meant to skewer the owner of the Washington Redskins football team, tweeted out of context, is racist. There were dozens of think pieces about this on the internet over the weekend, but Yang’s post goes beyond  politics to the actual stakes of using Twitter as a tool for change, for outrage, to co-opt attention, and as a microcosm of American psychology. And then there’s the New Yorker’s Jay Caspian Kang, arguing that while the #cancelcolbert movement (if you can call a couple of days on Twitter a movement, that is) is silly, Suey Park’s motive, to demand that one racial group shouldn’t be exploited to help out another, has relevance.

*If you have to question the relevance of hashtags, here’s a primer.

Finally, it can’t all be about the words on the page, or online. Learn to make your own sour cream.

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