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Holiday Sale Through December!

December 6th, 2013  |  Published in Events

Looking for a Christmas gift for that wonderful book-lover in your life? (You, perhaps?) Shop online with us during our holiday sale! Ongoing through the month of December!

Buy any book on our website for only $10! And any ebook for $2.99! …Still want more? Write a review and get your choice of ebook FREE! Plus an additional 25% off any one physical book. Just email us and let us know where the review is (Amazon, blog, FB, etc.) to claim your additional discount.

Maybe you’re looking for a collection of well-written winter essays? Check out Living the Life: Tales from America’s Mountains & Ski Towns by David Rothman.

“Skiing does not create a bounded playing field, but rather accepts and transforms the places where we pursue it. These essays are windows into how I’ve lived significant parts of my own life in those places and in that way, and I offer it up in the hopes that it will resonate with yours.”

Or maybe 2006 Denver Poet Laureate, Chris Ransick’s most recent collection, Never Summer: Poems from Thin Air will strike your fancy…or that poet friend of yours next door.

“This book is an everyday world where tragedy and bad news occasionally intrude. So does an ironic humor. Through all the ups and downs, there is a thread of confidence in the future, the belief that ‘we will build a lasting home.’”

Eleanor Swanson’s collection of poetry, Memory’s Room is beautifully haunting in its exploration of human mystery.

“We’re made of star-stuff, the poet seems to say, and only by staying in touch with that fact can we know our worth and comprehend the worth of others.”

And Robert McBrearty’s collection of short stories, Let the Birds Drink in Peacepresents characters with open, sometimes breakable, hearts.

“Each of Robert Garner McBrearty’s stories has its own sensibility, but what his characters share is a desire to know how best to live when confronted by unforeseeable chance.”

There’s something here for everyone! Explore our fiction, non-fiction, and poetry books and order YOURS on Black Friday for unbeatable prices!



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